April 20, 2019
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Member Statement
(31 May 2018)

From Hansard - 31 May 2018

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Opposition’s Performance

Ms. Heppner: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The spring session started just a few weeks ago, and it was a time for renewal for all of us. Our new Premier took his seat in the Chamber for the first time, as did the Leader of the Opposition. And on that very first day, the Leader of the Opposition stood in this Chamber and stated that he wanted to do politics differently. So after 42 sitting days, how different is the opposition?

Well, Mr. Speaker, they have yet to tell us how they would create jobs and grow our economy. Their only plan is the leader’s platform, which proposes $2.5 billion a year in new spending with absolutely no plan to pay for it. Same old NDP. They continue to support the Justin Trudeau carbon tax being imposed on families and businesses in our province. In fact, their leader called our fight against the carbon tax a pointless crusade. Same old NDP.

They’re back to their old tricks of drive-by smears, shoddy research, and making accusations with no facts to back them up. We’ve heard unfounded allegations, questions about secret meetings that never happened. They’ve made unfounded accusations of conflict of interest by members, and they’ve even accused Saskatchewan businesses of buying government contracts.

Well, Mr. Speaker, if that’s doing government differently or doing politics differently, we’re just not interested. It’s weak leadership, Mr. Speaker, and it’s the same old NDP.

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