November 17, 2018
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Past Legislative Reports

Welcome to the Legislative Report archive. Please click on the appropriate link to any report that you may wish to view:

  1. Legislative Report (15 November 2018) - Delivering Results for Saskatchewan Residents; Highways Improvements; New Schools and Major School Renovations; Modernizing Health Care Infrastructure; Upgraded SaskTel Cellular & Internet Service; Stronger Infrastructure Enhances Our Quality of Life
  2. Legislative Report (8 November 2018) - Strongest Job Growth in Four Years; Lowest SaskEnergy Rates Since 1999; Moving Ahead with Prairie Resilience; Introduction of Clare's Law
  3. Legislative Report (1 November 2018) - Opposition Dreams Will Hurt Our Province; Improving Interprovincial and International Trade
  4. Legislative Report (25 October 2018) - Response to Details of Federal Carbon Tax; Throne Speech Outlines Agenda for Next Year
  5. Legislative Report (18 October 2018) - Supporting Small Business; Rules and Regulations on Cannabis
  6. Legislative Report (4 October 2018) - Population Continues to Grow; Technology Sector Helped with New Tax Credit; New Value-Added Agriculture Incentive; Trade Mission to China; Large-Scale Wind Energy Project Approved; Important Projects Underway or Completed
  7. Legislative Report (20 September 2018) - Job Numbers Continue to Grow; Supporting Trade and Investment; Increasing Pipeline Capacity Vital to Our Economy; Fighting the Federal Carbon Tax; Review of Rural Trespassing Legislation
  8. Legislative Report (6 September 2018) - Saskatchewan Finances Improving; Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Plan; Combatting Rural Crime
  9. Legislative Report (23 August 2018) - Federal Government Jeopardizing Economic Development; $110 Million Investment in Parks; $8.4 Billion Investment in Highways; $770 Million Investment in Housing; 73% Increase in Child Care Spaces
  10. Legislative Report (9 August 2018) - Growing Support for Saskatchewan's Carbon Tax Position
  11. Legislative Report (26 July 2018) - New Funding Available for Autism; Encouraging Economic News
  12. Legislative Report (19 July 2018) - Federal Carbon Tax Will Reduce GDP by $1.8 Billion Annually
  13. Legislative Report (12 July 2018) - Summer in Saskatchewan
  14. Legislative Report (28 June 2018) - Province Calls for Fairer Equalization Program
  15. Legislative Report (14 June 2018) - Population Reaches New All-Time High; Support for Post-Secondary Education; Summer Camping Opportunities
  16. Legislative Report (31 May 2018) - Spring Session Ends with New Legislation and Budget on Track
  17. Legislative Report (24 May 2018) - Representing Saskatchewan Interests; Strong and Stable Revenue Sharing for Municipalities; Support for Municipal Infrastructure; Highways and Community Airport Upgrades
  18. Legislative Report (17 May 2018) - Application for Federal Low Carbon Economy Funding; Federal-Provincial Agreement for Targeted Health Funding; More Nurses Working in Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Parks Now Open for Summer
  19. Legislative Report (10 May 2018) - Investments in Transportation Infrastructure Continue; May 6-12 is Emergency Preparedness Week
  20. Legislative Report (3 May 2018) - Physician Numbers Up By 51%; Improving Organ Donation Rates; Property Tax Deferral for Seniors
  21. Legislative Report (26 April 2018) - Province Challenging Federal Carbon Tax in Court; Protecting Saskatchewan Energy Interests
  22. Legislative Report (19 April 2018) - Saskatchewan On Track for Increase in Trade & Jobs; Canadian Energy Sector Under Serious Threat
  23. Legislative Report (12 April 2018) - Keeping Saskatchewan on Track
  24. Legislative Report (5 April 2018) - Saskatchewan to Fight Federal Carbon Tax; Alternate Carbon Reduction Plan Put Forth
  25. Legislative Report (29 March 2018) - Improving Curriculum for Saskatchewan Students; Helping High School Graduates with Post-Secondary Education Costs; Continued Population and Economic Growth; NDP Proposing New Spending & New Taxes
  26. Legislative Report (22 March 2018) - NDP Propose $2.5 Billion in New Spending While Endorsing Carbon Tax; Working to Resolve Grain Transportation & Trade Issues
  27. Legislative Report (15 March 2018) - A Time of Renewal with Spring Session Underway
  28. Legislative Report (1 March 2018) - PST Exemptions on Agriculture, Life & Health Insurance ; Saskatchewan Great Place for Mining Investment; Strong Average Weekly Earnings Growth; Growing our Value-Added Economy
  29. Legislative Report (15 February 2018) - Education Funding Boost Announced; Job Numbers & Economic Indicators Rise; Free Fishing on Family Day Weekend
  30. Legislative Report (1 February 2018) - Positioning Saskatchewan for Second Decade of Growth under Premier Scott Moe
  31. Legislative Report (18 January 2018) - Opposition to Federal Carbon Tax; Creating a Climate for Strong Economic Growth; Regulation of Cannabis Sales in Saskatchewan
  32. Legislative Report (4 January 2018) - Population Figures Continue to Climb; Saskatchewan's Plan for Growth; Provincial Park Reservation Dates Announced

Other Archived Reports

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